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Each bird has a different milestone to celebrate: a new year of life, family dinner, wedding, business successes, baby showers, milestones or other moments to go all out. Where do you start? That starts with the place. The place you click with and where all the puzzle pieces fall together. And the coincidence: we love puzzles. Think along, make it according to your wishes until the last piece falls into place. So you can settle down and we will do the rest. Where you can enjoy carefree in the purest form of and in nature.

We have a suitable space for every party.

De Kas | The perfect place for a larger drink, lunch, dinner or wedding. An evening party with a DJ or band also takes place in this bright, homely space. There is room for a maximum of approximately 80 people seated and 150 people standing.

Het Vogelhuis | A cozy private space that can be reserved exclusively for up to 16 people. The space is separated from the greenhouse by glass walls. Het Vogelhuis e is suitable for festive dinners, baby showers or private occasions.

De Buitenplaats | Our lovely terrace overlooking the Oosterduinsemeer is a wonderful place for various occasions: an idyllic wedding ceremony, an extensive dinner at long tables or an informal drink. Everything is possible!

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When love is in the air, he is more than happy to nest at the Volière: the lovebird. He will be amazed when new couples prepare to leave the lake as a new couple. And whether love is celebrated big or small; the turtledove elegantly spreads its wings to send this message to the world.

Are you getting married soon? And are you looking for an idyllic location to celebrate love? We are an official wedding location and have all the facilities to make your beautiful day perfect. The wedding ceremony can take place on our terrace overlooking the lake or in the attractive, bright greenhouse. Have drinks and dinner at long laid tables or in an informal setting. End the day on the dance floor with a DJ who plays until the early hours.

We would love to hear your wishes and discuss all the options during an introduction!


Would you like to come for lunch or dinner with a larger group? From 8 to a maximum of 30 people, we create a cozy, long table where you can enjoy a predetermined (shared dining) menu.

We have various options for food for groups of 30 or more. For example, we can provide an extensive barbecue – both in burgundian style and in buffet form – or a walking lunch or dinner where the smaller dishes can be served at a long set table or delivered in an informal manner (standing or sitting).

There are many options and we are happy to help you make your dinner a success!


The area around the Volière is ideal for activities on land and in the water. A trip through the area on an e-chopper or electric scooter, a bike ride to Keukenhof in the spring, an afternoon of supping or canoeing on the water in front of the door or various games on the beach at the water’s edge. Enjoy with the family, a group of friends or colleagues. We are happy to create a tailor-made program, of course combined with delicious food and drinks.